How to Help Kids who Worry About Their Health with Dr. Josh Spitalnick

Health and anxiety have an intimate relationship. They love to hang out together. They love to work together. Anxiety can make you feel sick. Sickness can make you feel anxious. It can be a vicious duo that can wreak havoc in your child’s life.

Anxiety can make kids feel sick. It can also make kids worry about getting sick. In this episode I talk to Dr. Josh Spitalnick about the counterintuitive approaches parents can take to help their kids beat their anxiety.

So how are you supposed to help kids who worry about their heath or whose anxiety can make them feel constantly sick? I brought Dr. Josh Spitalnick from Anxiety Specialists of Atlanta to help shed some light on how parents can help kids who worry about their health. He offers some helpful insights and take away approaches that often seem counterintuitive, but are crucial in helping our kids.


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