How to Motivate Our Kids to Work on Anxiety or OCD

One of the biggest challenges parents face when raising a child with anxiety or OCD is…motivation. How do we motivate our kids to face their fears? How do we motivate our kids to sit in discomfort? How do we motivate them to even talk about their struggles.

Motivating our kids to work on their anxiety or OCD can be difficult. Effective approaches to build motivation so kids will work on it

That can feel like an uphill battle.

And yet, if you don’t have buy-in, it will be like trying to drive while someone has their foot firmly on the brake.

Our children’s struggles are their struggles, not ours. And only they will be able to take the necessary steps that will lead to long-term change. We can do our part by reducing our accommodations and our role in the anxiety or OCD, but the rest will be up to them.

So that brings us back to motivation.

In this episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast, I invited Dr. Amy Jenks, an anxiety & OCD therapist in the Bay Area to chat with me about how to help parents motivate their kids to work on anxiety or OCD.


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