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Does anxiety or OCD run in your family? If so, your children are more at risk of getting it too. Do you know what early signs to look for?

OCD in children can be seen in children as early as 2 and 3 years old. If OCD runs in your family, your child is at a higher risk of getting OCD. Take this 8 minute video lesson to learn the early warning signs of OCD in children. Click here to get started.

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Additional Support

A teen support book on anxiety that your kid will actually read:

This book offers teen help, without the psychobabble. A must read for teens suffering with anxiety and parents who are trying to understand it!

If you are at a loss as to how to help your child manage anxiety, take the e-course Teach Your Kids to Crush Anxiety taught by a child therapist. Learn all the tools she teaches kids and teach them to your child. You don’t have to feel powerless.



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3 responses to “Video Lesson: OCD in Children – Are you Missing the Signs?”

  1. […] child. You can read my other article – OCD in Children: Are you Missing the Signs or watch my video on the same […]

  2. Lee says:

    Is there any overlap in anxiety and bipolar disorder signs for two and three year olds? I’ve been worried that my son might have bipolar disorder but the signs sound very much the same anxiety.

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