Update on Tragedy that has Devastated Our Family

For those of you that aren’t aware, my husband died suddenly of a blood clot ten days after a minor Achilles surgery. The grief has been all consuming for me and my three children. I know my podcast, youtube channel, social media posts and emails have abruptly stopped almost a month ago and I didn’t have the energy to even explain why.

I was touched by all the outpouring of love from around the world from those that heard about my loss. I wanted to thank everyone who reached out, mailed me cards and donated to the gofundme account that circulated FB. The love was definitely felt from all directions and was so appreciated.

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To help grieving children deal with the loss of their parent, you can donate in honor of Jimmie Daniels at https://billysplace.me. They have been a complete godsend for our family during this time.

We are still grieving, so please accept my apologies for not commenting or responding if you reach out. I am going to be staying off social media until I return on April 1st.

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