An Interview with Chris Baier, the Producer of Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie

I’m embarrassed. I’m weird. I’m crazy. These are statements I hear every week from kids with OCD. Kids who think they are alone. Kids who don’t understand their disorder. Kids who don’t realize that there are kids all over the world, just like them.

Interview with Chris Baier, the producer of the award-winning short film Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie. We talk about parenting, OCD and how his documentary is helping educate the world about OCD.

Chris Baier understands this struggle all too well. When his daughter Vanessa was just nine she changed from a happy-go-lucky child to a child filled with worries and compulsions. Vanessa also felt alone. She felt like no one else understood what she was going through.

Chris met another parent, Kelly Anderson, a documentary filmmaker. They shared the same struggles and the same passion to help educate families and children about OCD. Together they created the documentary Unstuck: an OCD kids Movie.

They found six brave and articulate kids with OCD to not only share their struggles, but more importantly to share their victories. This award-winning short film is about childhood OCD through the eyes of children. It not only helps dispel the stereotypes of OCD, but it puts a face and voice to this disorder. Children no longer have to think they are alone. They no longer have to think they are weird, crazy or broken. OCD may be a grueling disorder, but there is hope. In this film children will get hope from the unlikeliest of places, other children with OCD.


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