How to Help Our Kids Create Daily Structure to Help OCD & Anxiety

More and more these days our kids are finding themselves at home. They are often at home doing school work and are socializing more online. The hustle and bustle that used to be many of their lives has taken a hit.

Teaching kids how to create structure in their day can help OCD and anxiety. Routines ground our kids and can help anchor them and improve their mental health.

As we enter summer in the next few months, schedules altogether might come to a screeching halt. Days can mush together and it can feel like ground hogs day on repeat. 

For our kids with anxiety and OCD that can be more than just annoying or boring. It can derail their progress and make them feel unanchored. 

A small amount of structure can help our kids feel grounded, give their days shape and purpose and can help their mental health. 

So how do you do that when their days are literally the same every day? That’s what I talk about in today’s youtube video for kids and teens.


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