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OCD Rituals are Often Mistaken for Tics in Children: Are you Missing Signs of OCD?

Tics in children sometimes are not what they seem…

Your child is doing it again. That weird quirk. You cringe every time you see it. You tell yourself tics in children are common - it will pass. But what if it is not a tic.

Your child is doing it again. That weird quirk. You cringe every time you see it. You tell her to stop. She tries, but there it is again.


You tell yourself, it will pass. They all do. It’s always something different. Today it is some weird eye blinking and maybe next month she’ll blow into her hands. You’ve stopped keeping track of how many “strange habits” she has had or how long they last.


But what if they aren’t “strange habits?”
What if they aren’t tics?


What if it is a compulsion. A compulsion you are mislabeling and ignoring? A compulsion that is the smoking gun to a much bigger problem. A problem there is help for if you knew what it was.


OCD rituals are often missed by parents.


But he isn’t a “neat freak.”
But he doesn’t wash his hands.
But he doesn’t line things up.


OCD is widely misunderstood and inaccurately portrayed. OCD isn’t about being clean or neat. It is about an obsessive thought and a compulsive behavior. A compulsive behavior that could tell a child to blink or blow or grimace. A behavior that looks eerily similar to a tic.


Pull up a seat and let me talk to you about this for a minute…




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