Looking for things to do in Seattle with kids? 

It started with a Southwest Airlines sale. We could pack our kids and head out to Seattle for under $800. We were sold. But with three kids, what would keep their attention and be entertaining for all of us? Being a major planner, I scoured the internet for fun things to do in Seattle with kids.

We were headed to Seattle with three kids for the first time. I scoured the web for things to do in Seattle with kids. I found a few gems to share!

I typed into Google fun things to do in Seattle with kids and stumbled upon the coolest thing. A Seattle kids tour specifically for children. How awesome is that? The tour promised to be entertaining and kid-friendly. With my jaded, technology-dependent children ages 5, 7 and 13, I hoped they would be able to have patience for a two-hour tour (I know sad, but true).

Having fun in Seattle with kids

We met our tour guide Leah in front of Pike Market Place. I knew as she bent down and talked to my kids about their tour, this was going to be awesome. This tour was for them. She spoke directly to them. She laughed with them. She entertained them. I was impressed. This was their tour, not ours.

Walking around with her was like getting a backstage pass of the city. She took us through back alleys, through shortcuts and amazing hidden wonders. We saw a hidden garden with a beautiful view.

She took us to the 4th floor of the library where everything, even the floors and walls were red. She took us to weird random artwork around the city. Like a light display in the bus terminal that turned into pictures when you moved your head back and forth. Or an undiscovered hallway in the Art Museum that looks like an eye staring back at you. I could go on and on.

We were headed to Seattle with three kids for the first time. I scoured the web for things to do in Seattle with kids. I found a few gems to share!

She pointed out small details around the city that we as Seattle newbies would have definitely missed. Like how the manhole covers are actually maps of the city, right down to the little white button showing where you are. For the rest of the day, my five-year-old searched the city for these secret manhole maps.

She took us to all the popular haunts in Pike Market Place, but with our “backstage pass,” we were taken behind the hustle and bustle of the market. Our tour guide knew all the shopkeepers and they were quick to offer us an array of taste sensations from Seattle.

We devoured fresh papaya and lime – a new twist. We tried the best pickles and took the challenge to do pickle juice shots. We tasted candied cantaloupe and some crunchy purple chips that turned out to be beets.

Near the end of the tour, my kids were enamored with our tour guide, Leah. I think they forgot we were even there!

They were given special bubble gum from a local shopkeeper that they held onto for a special surprise later in the tour (the bubblegum wall)!

We were headed to Seattle with three kids for the first time. I scoured the web for things to do in Seattle with kids. I found a few gems to share!

They got a peek at the world’s biggest shoes and got to see the first comic book store in the country.

Near the end of the tour, my seven-year-old turned to me and said, “Mom, I am really enjoying this tour!”

When we said our goodbyes we made a stop back at the quaint Chinese restaurant in Pike Market Place that our tour guide had said was the best authentic Chinese food. One word, yum.
Even though I don’t normally write travel reviews (okay, I never do), I decided before I even got back to our hotel room that I would spend the evening writing a review of this amazing tour. Every parent visiting Seattle has got to know about this amazing gem. So yeah, you’re welcome.

Top 10 Thing to Do in Seattle with Kids

#1. Seattle Kids Tour (hands down the #1 thing to do)

#2. Wings Over Washington (would not miss this for the world)! A virtual experience like none other. My kids LOVED this!

#3. Seattle’s Children’s Museum  A great museum at a great price! My kids spent a couple of hours playing here. It is also located in a very cool area with a variety of restaurants in an open indoor plaza. A great place to get lunch afterwards.

#4. Sky View Observatory  What is the point of seeing a sky view of Seattle if the needle isn’t part of the skyline? Our taxi driver told us to skip the needle and go to the sky view observatory located on the top of the highest building in Seattle. This was a great insider tip – as it was much cheaper, had no lines and the view was spectacular!

#5 Beneath the Streets Tour  This is by far the coolest tour after the Seattle Kids Tour. Did you know that Seattle has a whole buried city underground. They do! This tour takes you underground to reveal the underground mystery. I wouldn’t recommend this tour for kids under ten, as it is quite long for little people.

#6 Underground Paranormal Tour If you have kids 13 or older, this is a very cool experience. Become ghost hunters and discover paranormal experiences underneath Seattle.

#7 The Seattle Great Wheel is a great way to see Seattle. It is located in the same area as Wings Over Washington, so we did these activities together (although it can get a bit pricey). There are also some great seafood restaurants right on the pier to catch a bite in between.

#8 The Seattle Public Library is a great place to stop and rest your body. Seattle is a big walking city. For those not used to walking too much it can get exhausting (just sayin’)! The Seattle Public Library is a pretty impressive structure and is worth a visit to recharge and let the kids relax. Visit the weird 4th floor that is completely red from floor to ceiling.

#9 Ice Cream Cruise There are some great cruises out of Seattle. This one is awesome for kids for two reasons – it has ice cream and it is short. Need I say more!

#10 Trapeze Class Do you have monkeys in your house? Then they will love taking a trapeze class. How cool is that? For kids 6 and older.

When I was planning our family Seattle trip I found this great article here. She has a wealth of info on Seattle and is definitely worth checking out.

I wish we had more time in Seattle. There was so much more we could have done!

Do you know of other fun things to do in Seattle with kids? Share them in the comments below.

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