Things Kids Can Do to Prevent OCD from Getting Worse

When our kids have OCD it can feel like we are losing control. New compulsions are popping up all the time and all our efforts can seem futile.

That is why it is so important to give our kids the tools to help themselves. Educating them on what OCD is and how it works is key.

Learn how to help your child or teen prevent OCD from getting worse with these quick tips.

It is also helpful to teach them how to make progress and more importantly how to keep the progress they made.

In this week’s youtube video for kids and teens I talk about how to prevent OCD from getting worse.

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How to Help Your Child Crush OCD:

Parents cannot get rid of their child’s OCD, but they do have a crucial role in the whole process. In my therapy practice the kids who do the best are the ones whose parents learn how to empower their kids to help themselves.

In my on demand, online class, How to Crush Your Child’s OCD, I walk parents step-by-step on how to educate their child on OCD and how to help them build the skills to crush their own OCD.

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