Episode 16: What to Do When Your Child Can Tell a Lie Way too Easily

I brushed my teeth! I did my homework! I didn’t hit her! Does your child tell a lie too easily? Do lies just pour out of your child’s mouth? It is not uncommon for children to lie to get out of trouble, but some kids get way too comfortable telling lies.

Can your child tell a lie too easily? Do lies just fly out of their mouth? If this behavior is not curtailed in childhood, your child will fine tune their lying abilities. Learn this simple approach to help children become more honest.

I have worked with kids in my therapy practice who lie so much it is hard for me to know if anything they are telling me is true. 

These kids make long, elaborate stories, not to get out of trouble, but to create a fictitious reality. 

If a child can tell a lie way too easily, it is important that we nip that behavior in the bud. If it goes unchecked or unchallenged, kids will not only continue with the lying behavior, they will fine tune it. Yikes!

In this video episode of Ask the Child Therapist, I reveal my favorite parenting approach to deal with lying. Have a watch:

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Kids lie. That's a fact. But, how you parent can make the difference between a stage and a life long habit.