Kids don’t want to read long, boring books on anxiety. Who does? In my practice, parents will often ask for book suggestions. I provide them. They buy them. The kids never read them. Trust me, I know. I ask the kids.

This book offers teens help, without the psychobabble. A must read for teens suffering with anxiety and parents who are trying to understand it!


I finally decided to write my own book that is short, to the point and offers a death blow to the anxiety dictator living in their head. A book I know kids will be able to get through in one or two sittings. A book that will teach kids how their little dictator rules their mind and tricks them into making their anxiety grow. And finally, a book that will help them develop mad skills to counterattack their dictator and show him who is boss.

Every kid being bullied by anxiety should be armed with the skills this book provides. Every parent raising an anxious kid should read this and gain insight into what their kids are going through each day. Parents have even told me that after reading it, their battle with anxiety improved!

Anxiety Sucks! A Teen Survival Guide
throws out the psychobabble and speaks in an engaging and humorous tone. It talks about anxiety being a dictator that must be defeated. It breaks down the dictator’s tactics and teaches killer skills that crush anxiety.

The book follows three teens and their anxiety struggles. Throughout the book you watch these teenagers go from being dominated by their anxiety, to winning their anxiety battles. These stories make the book come to life and help solidify the skills being taught.

Anxiety Sucks! A Teen Survival Guide is available on Amazon and you can find the audio version on Audible.