Ask the Child Therapist Episode 20: Teaching Feelings

Teaching Feelings to Kids who Struggle to Express Emotions


Your kids tease each other and your son crumbles to the ground. He feels hurt and angry, but all he can do is cry.


Your daughter was the only one not invited to her friend’s birthday party. You ask her if she is okay and she runs to her room.


Your son learns to tie his shoes. You excitedly tell him you are so proud of him. He responds by throwing his shoe across the room and running away.


Kids who struggle to express their emotions can baffle parents. Why can’t they express themselves? Why do they get so upset with praise?

Do your kids shutdown when they're upset? Teaching feelings and emotional intelligence to kids isn't always a nice thing to do, for some it is a necessity.


We all have different skill levels when it comes to expressing our feelings. For some this skill comes easily and for others it can be an ongoing struggle. 


Parents can help by teaching feelings to preschoolers and toddlers. Even if your child is older, it is never too late to teach feelings to children. 


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