Talking About Drugs with our Anxious Kids with Tiffany Jenkins from Juggling the Jenkins

We many think my sweet, anxious child will never do drugs. In fact, how could she? She’s afraid of her own shadow! I am right there with you. But our young, anxious kids often turn into depressed, overwhelmed teens. The last thing we want is for them to self medicate. That’s why talking about drugs when they are young is so important.

Many of us worry about talking about drugs with our anxious kids. In this episode I talk to Tiffany Jenkins, from Juggling the Jenkins, about why it is important to have real conversations with our anxious kids.


There comes a time when our kids think we “don’t get it.” Our kids lean on their peers for support. They think only other 16-year-olds get their pain (as scary as that might sound).


We don’t want to wait until our window of opportunity is gone! That is why I am having some hard conversations with my anxious seven and nine-year-old.


Their ears are open. They have lots of questions. I am pouring information that they are filing away for a later stage of life. Kids are wide open to talk about drugs at this age, but many of us worry about doing it.


This week I invited the hysterical Tiffany Jenkins from Juggling the Jenkins, to the AT Parenting Podcast.


She came on my radar after many parents in my audience kept sharing her hysterical videos on Facebook and Youtube.

As I dived deeper into her work, I discovered a more serious side to Tiffany. She is a recovering drug addict. She has used her fame and platform to educate others on the dangers of drugs. In her memoir, High Achiever to shares the inner workings of a person struggling to beat an addiction and all the turmoil it brings with it.

In the podcast she shares her raw and real truth and with it gives parents a chance to make a difference in their children’s lives.

Check out Tiffany’s Youtube channel, her Facebook page, her podcast, Take it or Leave it and her book, High Achiever. I couldn’t stop listening and binge listened to it in a few days (it’s on audible).



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