Why Kids Talk Back and How to Make it Stop!

Your child screams, “I hate you!” She rolls her eyes and tells you, “No!” You feel your composure slipping away as she spits out her final words. In one fell swoop she has made you feel enraged and completely ineffective. You wonder, where did I go wrong? And why on earth does she feel she can talk back to me?

Does your child talk back? When kids talk back it can make you feel ineffective and enraged. Learn why they do this and how to get it to stop!


Relax. You are not alone. You are being indoctrinated into a well attended club. A club no one wants to join, but we all wind up there.


Kids talk back for many reasons. Once we figure out what those reasons are we have the holy grail on how to make it stop.


Click the video below and let me help decode the behavior for you:

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