How to Help Anxious Kids Not Take Everything Personally


“You hate me!” Your child screams.  No, you think. I just asked you to pick up your clothes.

 “They hate me!” Your child exclaims. No, they just can’t talk to you now.

Many anxious kids jump to extreme conclusions. They often take everything personally. A redirection is a yell. A suggestions is a criticism. A friend being busy, is a declaration that their friendship is over.

Does your child take everything too personally? In this week’s kids youtube video I talk to kids about how to have a more objective perspective.

In this week’s kids youtube video, I am talking to kids about how to take a second look at their initial conclusions and how to look beyond themselves to have a more objective perspective.

Does Your Child have Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety themes. When a child or teen has social anxiety it can make them feel worried about judgement, criticism and rejection.

Social anxiety can skew a person’s perspective and make them perceive rejection even when it is not intended. 

Kids can learn how to develop skills to improve their perspective and boost their self-confidence.

In the class, Crush Social Anxiety, I walk kids and teens through how to shift their perspective, while building up their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

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