What does Symmetry OCD Look Like in Children: Learn How to Help Them

She grabs the door. She pulls once with her left hand and then once with her right. She sits waiting for the bus. Tap tap goes her left foot. Tap tap goes her right. The teacher hands out crayons. The little boy next to her hands her five. Five is not right, she quickly hands one back. She waits for her mom to pick her up. Her eyes scan the corners of the building. One, two, three, four she counts to herself. All is safe. All is right in her little world controlled by symmetry OCD.

Symmetry OCD is one of the most common OCD themes in children - and yet it is often missed. Learn what it is and how to help kids with it.


Symmetry OCD is almost always missed by parents. The subtle movements to balance the body, the small gestures to tap just right. The mental games hidden in the dark recesses of the mind. It is often only discovered after years of balancing. Years of counting. Years of compulsions.


Let’s talk about how to spot Symmetry OCD and how to help kids who have that OCD theme.


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