Kids Who Worry Stuffed Animals and Toys Have Feelings

Most kids get attached to stuffed animals or cute toys. But what if they thought those objects had feelings and it was their job to keep them safe?

In this week’s YouTube video I talk to kids and teens who worry their toys or stuffed animals have feelings and what to do about it.

When you add anxiety or OCD into the mix, it could become a full time job. 

It can impact their sleep. What if I roll over them?

It can impact their fun. How are they when I’m not home?

It can impact their clutter. I can’t throw them away? 

It can impact their life.

What was meant to be an entertaining or cuddly object, has now become a huge burden.

So how do we help kids with anxiety or OCD let go of this responsibility?

That’s what I cover in this week’s Youtube video. I talk to kids and teens about how this love for their toys and objects can be hijacked by anxiety or OCD. I talk about why it’s important to work on this issue and how to get started.

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