Stomach Pain and Anxiety: Teaching Kids the Mind Body Connection

It’s another school day. Which means another stomach ache. Another battle of wills. Lots of tears. Lots of threats. Eat Dinner. Go to bed. Repeat. Why is your child constantly clutching their stomach? Why are they paralyzed with fear and…heartburn. Unfortunately stomach pain and anxiety like to hang out together and I mean – often. They are best friends and they like to team up against your child. 

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Does your child's stomach hurt every time they are nervous? Stomach pain and anxiety love to hang out. Help kids understand the mind body connection.


So how do you crush this dynamic duo? It isn’t easy, but it can be done. The first step is helping kids connect the dots between their mind and body. Anxiety’s friend, stomach pain, doesn’t want your kid to know they are working together. Anxiety wants your child to avoid situations and stomach pain helps ensure it’s success. 


I was that kid slumped over in pain. I was that kid filled with anxiety.  It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t pretty. But, I survived and your kids can too. Click play below and let me tell you how:

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