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How to Help Socially Anxious Kids

Another school year is upon us. You hold your breath. Who will your socially anxious child cling to this year? No matter how much you encourage your child to make lots of friends, inevitably your child is like Velcro to one kid the entire year.

Your child is socially anxious. He is a one-friend at a time kind of kid. How can you help him? Let me tell you how.


You know your child struggles socially, but how are you supposed to help? What is the problem with making more than one friend? After all, you don’t remember struggling like this. Are there more things you can be doing?


Socially anxious kids are complicated and so is the problem. Let me break it down and help give you some insight on how to help.


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Does your child have a hard time making friends? Does your child get overwhelmed in social situations? Is it shyness or is it something more? Here are 30 signs of social anxiety in kids. Are you missing the signs?

Your child gets embarrassed when you breathe wrong. They refuse to talk to strangers and they fixate on what other people think of them. Social anxiety can debilitate kids and confuse parents. This was me as a child. Let me give you a window into the mind of a socially anxious child. At times, it isn't pretty.

Every time your child is in a social situation they tank. It is painful to watch. Let me show you how to teach your kids social skills.


Books to Help Kids with Social Problems:

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4 responses to “PSP 031: How to Help Socially Anxious Kids”

  1. Just what I needed!

    Helpful both in explaining what’;s going on and in approaches. How not to “offend” teens is a BIG one.

    There was actually stuff in here that was helpful for ME (the personalization stuff, for example!).

    Thanks so much.

    Good luck with your podcast nemesis, lol!

    Thanks and love,
    Full Spectrum Mama

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Thanks! I do unfortunately understand social anxiety waaaay more than I want to 😜. I’m glad you found it helpful. Have a wonderful holiday ❤️ Full Spectrum Mama.

  2. Ana says:

    What a wonderful podcast! All the behaviours you described match my 5 year old who has recently started primary school. So great to understand that she is not alone in experiencing these struggles, helped me understand what’s happening for her and some really helpful tips on how I could help her build skills and confidence to tackle new situations.

    Thank you!

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