Teaching Kids Social Skills – When They Have None.

Your daughter is a leg hugger, a wallflower, a blank staring mute when others are around. You watch as her personality literally melts away from her when she’s in public. Where did your crazy, free spirited child go? And who is this wilting flower that took her place? Her social skills are literally non-existent.

Every time your child is in a social situation they tank. It is painful to watch. Let me show you how to teach your kids social skills.

Your son has no filter. You cringe with anticipation at what he’ll say next. Personal space isn’t something he values – not his, not yours. You can see him rubbing people the wrong way, as he stands there clueless as to why they aren’t laughing back. There is no learning curve. You watch him destroy friendship after friendship.

When a child has no social skills it can be painful to watch. Sometimes cringe worthy. Not everyone is born knowing how to socialize. It is a skill just like anything else and some kids need some social “tutoring.”


So where to start? Let me help. Click below to play.

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