You are Not “So OCD.” Let Me Show You What Is…

If you describe yourself as “so OCD” chances are you aren’t. People with OCD don’t describe the disorder that way. They describe it as a painful, insidious illness that hijacks their thoughts and holds them ransom until they pay up with compulsion after compulsion. It isn’t a meme, an adjective or a joke. It is a debilitating and common disorder that impacts 1 out of every 200 children.

If you think you are “so OCD” you probably don’t understand OCD. But, here’s what is…

OCD isn’t just about hand washing and organizing. It isn’t about being neurotic or uptight. It has many different faces. It wears many different hats. It can make someone confess thoughts and actions they didn’t do, it can take away the off switch and make someone excessively wipe or brush their teeth until they bleed. It can make someone walk through life having to use both hands when they touch anything or anyone. It can make people do a lot of things, many of which don’t revolve around hand washing or cleaning.

Our children are learning about this common disorder from you. From social media. From jokes and comments. From a disorder that is used as an adjective. Unfortunately, this keeps kids from understanding OCD. It keeps parents from recognizing OCD. And it keeps parents and children from getting early treatment and help.

Kids aren’t “So Diabetes”…nor are they “So OCD,” but let me show you what is….

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