Handling Anxiety that Makes You Feel Sick to Your Stomach

When I was a kid the first thing that happened when I was nervous wasn’t in my head, in was in my stomach. In fact, sometimes I didn’t even know I was nervous until my stomach gave me a clue. Feeling sick to your stomach can be a common struggle when you are dealing with anxiety.

Anxiety can make you feel sick to your stomach. Learn how to teach your child to battle through those feelings and keep on going.

Sadly, the worry of getting sick can overshadow all other anxiety themes. It can become the central focus of every moment in every day. It can rob kids of happiness and the freedom to enjoy their life.

Luckily kids can learn how to work through this. I know I did.

In the latest edition of Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition, I am teaching kids how to beat anxiety and learn how to handle feeling nauseous.

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Anxiety can make kids feel nauseous. It can also make them have a fear of throwing up. This week in my YouTube video I am helping kids whose anxiety makes them feel sick and those who struggle with Emetophobia.

Emetophobia, the fear of throwing up can destroy a child’s world. Learn the best way to help this issue. The answer might surprise you.