Growing Up with Separation Anxiety and Panic with Amanda Stern

She suffered silently. She suffered often. Her parents didn’t understand her pain. She didn’t understand her pain. So it often goes. Growing up with separation anxiety and Panic Disorder can be a disorienting, overwhelming and lonely experience.

Amanda Stern, the author of Little Panic, shares not only her story, but the story of so many anxious children growing up in a world that swallows them up whole.

Growing up with separation anxiety and panic is rough. Learn from reading this first hand experience, in Amanda Stern's memoir, Little Panic.I had the privilege of chatting with Amanda about her life growing up with separation anxiety and panic. She offered her insight into how parents can help their anxious kids, and what pitfalls they should avoid.

Every parent raising an anxious child should read her story and learn what anxiety feels like, from the inside out.

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For more information about Amanda’s work check out her website You can purchase her book, Little Panic on Amazon or in local bookstores.

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