Separation Anxiety Impacts Kids of All Ages: How to Help

Clinical Separation anxiety is not about age. It isn’t a baby thing – it is an anxiety thing. In fact many kids with separation anxiety don’t develop this issue until they are past puberty. Imagine if your mind told you that any separation, distance or lack of communication can put you and the person you love in jeopardy. Imagine if every time you couldn’t reach your loved one you wholeheartedly believed they were dead. Imagine if every time you weren’t with the one you loved you believed you weren’t safe. Separation anxiety can cause palatable fear within a child. It can make a child feel insecure and vulnerable. It can hold a child back and stagnate any emotional growth.

Separation anxiety isn’t a baby issue – it is an anxiety issue. Have your child watch this YouTube video to help them understand what it is and how to beat it.

Parents have varying reactions to this draining anxiety theme. Some get angry. Some get punitive. Some crumble just as easily as their child. This type of anxiety is not for the faint hearted. It can ruin even the most stoic and patient parent.


So how can you help? It starts with your child’s thoughts. They need resetting. Anxiety has been lying to your child and they need an alternative perspective. I can help with that. In my latest Youtube video on Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition I am talking all about separation anxiety. What it is, what it isn’t and how to get rid of it once and for all.

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Separation anxiety doesn't just impact young children, many anxious children of all ages have separation anxiety. Learn how to parent children with separation anxiety and what approaches work best.

Does your little one follow you from room to room? Learn ways to help separation anxiety and finally pee in peace!

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