How to Explain Sensory Processing to Kids

Does your child have sensory issues? Sensory processing issues are a common companion to anxiety and OCD. That can make an already difficult situation that much more difficult! 

Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder need to understand SPD. Teach your kids what Sensory issues are with this kids Youtube video.

Often parents have a reactive approach to Sensory Processing Disorder. They put out fires as they come and often meltdowns are par for the course. 

[scroll to the bottom of the page to see my Kids Youtube video on What is Sensory Processing Disorder]


Many of us don’t think about equipping our kids with skills to handle their own sensory struggles


All too often when I meet with kids who have major sensory issues they have never heard of the concept of sensory processing before. As parents, we often skip the step of explaining Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to our children. We don’t want them to feel different or weird, so we might throw out that step all together.


I am a big fan of educating kids. I have Youtube videos directly for kids explaining what anxiety is, what OCD is and now – what Sensory Processing Disorder is as well. 


Even kids who don’t have a full-blown diagnosis of SPD can benefit from knowing what their sensory sensitivities are and how it impacts their life.


Giving kids the opportunity to eventually be at the helm of their own sensory input can save both parents and kids tons of conflict.


You aren’t in your child’s skin. You don’t know how they are feeling or how they are going to feel. Only they can know that.


Teach your child how to #1) identify their sensory “super powers.” And #2) Protect themselves from sensory overload.


Sometimes we underestimate our children’s ability to help themselves. Even very young children can start to advocate for their own sensory needs if they are taught what to look for.


So where to start? Well luckily, I’ve got you covered. 


First educate yourself on Sensory Processing:

Do you wonder what is anxiety and what are sensory issues? Listen to this podcast. Do you wonder what is Just Right OCD and what is sensory? Listen to this podcast. Do you wonder how you are supposed to help an anxious child with sensory struggles? Listen to this podcast.


Now that we covered you, let’s work on your child.


Educating Kids on Sensory Processing Disorder:

There are tons of great books to help kids understand sensory issues. Here are two of my favorites.

Since kids love Youtube and they tend to believe what they hear on it is gospel – I’ve made a Youtube video to explain sensory issues to them. 


You can watch it here or subscribe and watch it later: