Helping Kids Understand Sensorimotor OCD

When people think of OCD they think of a “neat freak” or a “germaphobe.” Neither of which really sums up OCD. But one sub-type of OCD that is often misunderstood is Sensorimotor OCD.

Does your child have Sensorimotor OCD? In this week’s kids youtube video I teach kids what it is and what they can do about it.

Sensorimotor OCD makes the child hyper focus on bodily functions. It can make a child cough, take deep breaths, excessively blink, repeatedly check their heart or frequently go to the bathroom.

To hear me go into detail about what it is and how to help your child, click here.

This week on my kids/teens youtube channel, I am teaching kids what Sensorimotor OCD is and what to do about it!


Click below and have them watch this video: