Helping Your Sensitive Child Handle Mean People

I love my empathetic, kindhearted and intuitive little girl. She is the sparkle in everyone’s life. That is until my pretty flower wilts at the slightest tone, stare or comment that has a hint of meanness behind it. My sensitive child crumbles when the world is mean around her. Let’s not even talk about when the rudeness is directed at her.

Do you have a sensitive child who wilts at the mere mention of mean people. This week I am talking about how to help our sensitive kids in a world that isn’t always as kind as them.

Many of us are raising a sensitive kid. Highly sensitive children comes with many wonderful gifts. Gifts I wouldn’t change for the world. But they also come in a fragile package.

This week on the AT Parenting Survival Podcast, I am talking about how to take our fragile flowers and firm up their stem.

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