Helping Kids Develop Self-Love

Why is it so easy for us to beat ourselves up, but so hard for us to build ourselves up? Why do kids stumble and stammer when I ask them to tell me something, anything good about themselves? We are taught so much in school, but most of us are never taught self-love and self-compassion.

 How often does your child speak kindly to themselves. How often do they build themselves up in their head? This week I am giving kids a challenge to develop self-love.

So many anxious kids are also insecure and lack self-confidence. This week I am teaching kids that it is okay to feel good about their accomplishments. It is okay to quietly give themselves compliments. It is okay to boost yourself up instead of tear yourself down.

In fact, I am challenging them to do just that.

Will your child take the challenge? Show them my latest Kids Youtube video and see what they say!

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