How Self-Esteem Plays a Role in Kids with Anxiety or OCD

Anxiety and OCD will often take a swing at our child’s self-esteem. It can do that with the anxious or intrusive thoughts it bombards them with. It can do that by paralyzing them with fear, as they watch their peers not struggle. 

Self-esteem has an important role in our child’s anxiety or OCD. Learn how self-esteem can impact your child’s battle with crushing their anxiety or OCD.

It can also be present alongside anxiety or OCD. It can help pick their anxiety or OCD themes. Social anxiety, perfectionism and Moral OCD all use self-esteem in their arsenal of weapons. 

In this podcast, I explore how self-esteem dances with anxiety and OCD. I will highlight what areas to look into and talk about how focusing on your child’s self-esteem will in turn help their battle with anxiety and OCD.

More resources on self-esteem click here.


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