Helping Kids Understand Scrupulosity OCD: When OCD Gives you Bad Thoughts

Doubt is a big part of OCD. It makes you doubt you are clean. It makes you doubt you are safe. But imagine if the doubt OCD brings makes you doubt who you are and what you are capable of doing? Welcome to the world of Scrupulosity OCD, sometimes referred to as Moral OCD, Religious OCD or even Bad Thought OCD.

OCD isn’t always about germs. Sometimes it is about bad thoughts. Thoughts that you are a bad person. Help your child with Scrupulosity OCD by showing them this YouTube video.

What if I become a killer? What if I am a bad kid? What if I hurt someone? What if I hurt myself? What if I drink, smoke, do drugs, get tattoos?! What if I turn into the worst version of myself? Will I go to Hell? Will you leave me? Never speak to me again?

Scrupulosity OCD is one of the hardest OCD themes to cope with because it feels so real. Because it attacks the very essence of who the person is and who they want to become. The worst part about it – most parents and children don’t even know they have OCD.

This type of OCD hides in your thoughts and behaviors. You don’t wash – you confess. You don’t clean – you seek reassurance. You mentally check who you are against who OCD tells you, you’ll become. You pray – pray to God for the actions you think you’ve done and all the one’s OCD tells you that you’ll do. It is exhausting. Overwhelming. Confusing. Lonely.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A huge part of helping kids with Scrupulosity OCD is teaching them what it is. When kids realize these are not their own thoughts, there is huge relief. When kids realize other people have these thoughts too – the guilt is lifted. When kids understand that only the nicest of kids get this type of OCD – there is comfort.

Let me help your child understand scrupulosity OCD. In my latest Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition video I am taking on Moral OCD. I am letting kids know what it is and what it isn’t. I am giving them some hints on how to beat this beast and finally get some relief.

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Your child is child confesses every bad thought, memory and action they think they’ve ever done. What is going on? Could it be scrupulosity OCD?

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