How to Help Kids Who are Scared to Sleep

It’s bedtime and instead of winding down, your house is winding up. “I’m scared,” you hear. “I’m too scared to sleep!” You hear over and over again. Your child pleads. Can they sleep with you? Can you sleep with them? Can they sleep on the couch next to you? You’ve tried everything. Threatening, negotiating, sympathizing…nothing works. Are you doomed to a life of sleepless nights or can this be fixed?

We all need sleep, but some kids are too scared to sleep. Helping kids who are afraid to sleep can be done. Here is how.

Kids who are scared to sleep are very hard to help. It is not an easy problem and it is not a problem that goes away quickly. But…there are things parents can do to help the problem long term. Bring your sleep deprived self closer to the screen and I’ll tell you how…

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