Is Your Child Scared to Sleep? How to Teach Them to Deal with Anxiety at Bedtime

Anxiety loves to bother kids at bedtime. No matter what age or what type of anxiety a child has, bedtime is universally a struggle for anxious kids. Why is that? It is quiet. It is dark. All activities and distractions are turned off. Minds want to review the day. Ears want to analyze strange sounds. Eyes want to figure out mysterious shadows. Hearts want to be “kept safe.” When your child is scared to sleep, it impacts the whole family. Anxious kids don’t get a fitful rest. Parents don’t get a fitful rest – and the mood and irritability is set for destruction the next day.

Most anxious kids are scared to sleep. Anxiety and sleep disturbance go hand in hand. To help I made a Youtube video for kids to watch to learn how to fight anxiety at bedtime.

Helping a child who is scared to sleep has much to do with the fears that pop up, as well as the environment they sleep in. Punishing, yelling and cajoling kids to sleep won’t help until you address the anxiety underneath the bedtime struggle.


Luckily for you, I just make a Youtube video to help your kids with fears of sleeping. Sometimes talking directly to kids to help motivate and empower them is the little push they need to start fighting their fears. In this week’s Ask the Child Therapist, Kids Edition I talk to kids about how to fight their fears at bedtime.

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