Did I Miss Something? Rewind and repeat OCD compulsions

This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.

OCD isn’t always about fears, sometimes it is about feelings. A feeling of incompleteness is common in OCD. One way OCD shows up is in the feeling you didn’t “catch it all.” You might have a feeling of incompleteness or it might trigger other themes like, “am I lying if I said I read this?” Or “will something bad happen if I don’t reread or rewatch this?”

In this week’s Youtube video I talk about how repeat and rewind OCD themes show up and what to do about it.

This can cause people with OCD to read and reread lines, paragraphs or chapters. It can make people rewind and rewatch videos over and over again. It can make you ask people to repeat themselves or explain themselves over and over again.

In this week’s Youtube video I talk about how this type of OCD theme shows up and what to do about it.

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