Teaching Kids to Accept the Worst Case Scenario to Reduce Anxiety

What if I throw up? What if I get sick? What if I fail that test? What if they don’t like me? Kids with anxiety have tons of what if’s. More often than not, to help reduce anxiety we reassure them that these “bad” things aren’t going to happen.

In this kids Youtube video I talk to kids with anxiety about exploring the worst case scenario and how to problem-solve those situations to reduce anxiety.

But is that really helpful? Sometimes these things do happen. A better, less intuitive way to help our kids with some anxiety themes – is to teach them acceptance.

If you throw up, what’s the worst that can happen? How can you handle that? If you fail a test, what’s the worst that can happen? How can you handle that?

It is powerful when we shift from reassurance to problem-solving. A child can feel empowered when they already have a plan on how they can cope with the “worst case scenario.” Just thinking about what would happen and how they can handle it, can often reduce anxiety.

In this week’s kids Youtube video, I talk to kids about how to explore the worst case scenario in certain anxiety themes – and then I teach them the power of acceptance.


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