Learning How to Play Detective When Raising Kids with Anxiety or OCD

Raising a child with anxiety or OCD takes a completely different set of parenting skills. Helping kids work through their issues doesn’t have a begin, middle and end. It is a way of life. A way of looking at life.

When you are raising kids with anxiety or OCD you have to learn how to play detective, silently observe and gently probe. That is how you maintain long-term progress.

A big part of staying on top of any progress you have gained is learning how to play detective. When you are raising kids with anxiety or OCD you need to be proactive, not reactive.

This doesn’t mean you have to live a life full of fear or worry. But it does mean you don’t want to bury your head in the sand.

In this week’s podcast episode I talk about what I mean by “playing detective” and what that would look like in your home.

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