Do You Have a Child Who Pulls Hair or Picks Skin? Have Them Watch This.

You look over at your daughter and she is pulling her hair out one by one. Your son picks his scabs until they bleed. How are you supposed to stop a child who pulls hair or picks skin? You can’t be with them twenty-four hours a day. You’ve tried every approach, and nothing is working. Join the club. Hair pulling (Trichotillomania) and skin picking (Excoriation Disorder) are two very difficult Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) that are hard to stop.

Do you have a child who pulls hair or picks skin? This Youtube video made for kids and teens can help kids with Trichotillomania and skin picking issues.

As a skin picker myself, and the parent of a skin picker and a hair puller – I know first hand that the key to success is empowering and motivating the person with the issue. This is true for all our children’s struggles, but especially with this problem. So how do you motivate your kids to help themselves? It can be tough. To help you with your effort, I made this video for kids and teens to watch on my Kids YouTube Channel. If you want parenting tips on this issue – check out this podcast episode where I interviewed Aneela from You can also watch that interview on YouTube here.


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