ERP for OCD & Anxiety: What it is and Why it is So Effective

When children are afraid or obsessed with a horrible thought you might think that the best way to help them is to teach them to get their mind “off of it.” Not only is this not effective, it can actually make anxiety and OCD worse. ERP for OCD and anxiety, also known as Exposure and Response Prevention is a counter intuitive therapy that has some parents running in the opposite direction.

ERP for OCD and anxiety has been shown to be the most effective therapy approach. So why don’t more parents know what it is and how to do it?

But let me tell you why this wacky approach not only works, but is the gold standard for treatment.

Learn how to do ERP at home in my Online Class Parenting Kids with OCD.

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The best treatment for OCD will make your head spin. This counterintuitive approach is the most effective approach to help a child with OCD.

Some kids have an intense fear of needles and shots. Learn how to help kids through this phobia one small step at a time.

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