Explaining OCD to People Who Don’t Get it: Helping Siblings, Family & Friends Understand OCD

Do you know what is almost worse than having a child with OCD? Seeing your child be surrounded by people who just don’t get OCD. Siblings who tease their brother or sister for their “strange” behavior. Partners who tell your child to “just stop!” Relatives who think they are being helpful when they tell you “they’ll grow out of it.” And teachers who don’t understand how your child can have OCD when they just don’t see it. Explaining OCD to people who just don’t get it can be daunting. OCD can be complicated even for parents to understand.


Explaining OCD to those that don’t get it can be a daunting task. But people need to understand your child and your child’s OCD. Here are some ways to explain it…

I spend every week in my therapy practice explaining OCD to kids and parents. Let me share with you some of my verbal judo for you to borrow…

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