Inside the Mind of an Anxious Child: A Six Year Old Talks About What Helps.

It seems like what comes naturally for most kids is a struggle for mine. Genetically my kids are pretty much doomed. Anxiety covers the family tree like heavy moss. There is really no avoiding it. The universe dutifully delivered me one anxious child after another.

Sometimes the best way to learn how to help an anxious child is to talk to one. A six year old reveals what parents can do to help anxious kids.

Three anxious kids later, I have resigned to the fact that fighting anxiety is part of my parental duty. I start battling anxiety the minute my kids leave the womb. It’s better that way. We talk about it. We name it. We conquer it.

On a random sick day, my youngest anxious child loomed in my office as I prepared to record my latest podcast. “What are you doing?” She asked. I told her I’m going to be on the “radio” teaching parents how to help their anxious kids. My six year old’s eyes widen and she said, “Maybe they would like to hear from a kid instead?” I agreed. She pulled up a stool next to me. Her little feed dangling as she spoke in the big microphone. I listened in awe as my daughter talked about her battle with her “worry cloud.” She talked about what helps and what doesn’t. And once again the student was the teacher.

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