OCD and Anxiety in School: The Most Misunderstood Students

Sarah sits at the back of the room. Her face has gone pale. Her hands are getting clammy. The teacher hands out the test. She feels nauseous, confused. The room starts to spin. She runs out of the room. The teacher stares at the empty seat. What just happened? OCD and Anxiety in school are often an unnoticed or mislabeled issue.

Kids suffering with OCD and anxiety in school are often ignored or misunderstood. Learn how anxiety and OCD pops up at school and what people can do to help.

They are the quiet kids who are afraid to raise their hands. The aggressive kids who are feeling cornered and trapped. The perfectionistic kids who never hand in work because it’s not perfect. They are the kids that don’t participate, are frequently absent and know the nurse by her first name.

They are kids that desperately need help in the school environment, but often don’t. They typically aren’t the squeaky wheel, the front burner problem. They are the ones silently imploding as the mouthy kids are sent to the principal. They are the ones that quietly withdrawal from school.

So how do we help kids suffering with OCD and anxiety in school? It starts with identifying the problem and getting creative with the solutions. Let me explain…


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2 responses to “PSP 045: OCD and Anxiety in School: The Most Misunderstood Students”

  1. Angela says:

    Hello there,
    I have recently found your podcasts and have been listing to several of them with great interest. I have a 9 (almost 10) year old boy who I believe has anxiety, but we have not yet been to any counseling. He seems to be fine for a while and then we have a major breakdown. Right now the problem is Christmas. He loves Christmas, but he has worked himself up so much it is starting to make everyone dread the season. He has something he wants so badly that he is anxious about wether he will get it or not and then he feels bad for asking for it. Later he’s excited about it and then says he doesn’t want ANY presents for Christmas. Then it goes around again and again. Ugh, I’m exhausted! He’s not coming to our bed (though we have delt with that in the past), but he is not sleeping well and I want him to enjoy the season. Do you have any podcast or youtube videos that might help me? Do I need to go ahead and find a therapist?
    Thank you,

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Sorry to hear about your son’s struggles Angela. I do have a Youtube video coming out tomorrow about handling anxiety though the holidays. I wonder if just telling your son he is going to get the gift he asked for would help reduce his anxiety. Let him know that no matter what he says, that is the gift he is getting because he deserves a special gift (to reduce the feelings of guilt). I would get him into a therapist. It can help support him and build his coping mechanisms.

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