Just Right OCD: What it is and Why it is Misunderstood and Mislabeled as Perfectionism or Sensory Processing Disorder

Your child is erasing and rewriting their homework…again. She is asking you over and over again if her answers sound right. She checks and rechecks that you understand what she is trying to tell you. Is she a perfectionist? Or could it be something more? Your son tightens one shoe and then the other. “No!” He shouts. The left one is not as tight as the right. He unties the shoes and begins again. Tying and tying. Over and over again. Does he have Sensory Processing Disorder or could it be something different? Just Right OCD is often missed. It can look like so many other issues.


Just right OCD is often mislabeled as perfectionism or Sensory Processing Disorder. So what is just right OCD and how can you help kids who have it? Let’s talk…


So what is Just Right OCD and how do you help kids who have it? Let’s talk…

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