Do You Blame Yourself for Your Child’s Anxiety and OCD? Why That’s not Good for You or Your Child.

For some reason as parents we tend to feel this unrealistic weight and responsibility for everything that happens to our children. They got sick? What did we do to not keep them healthy? They got in a fight? Why didn’t we teach them how to solve their problems better? They are struggling in school? Why didn’t we enroll them in pre-school when they were in utero? So, I guess it makes sense that when our kids get anxiety and OCD we throw ourselves under the bus for that as well.

Having kids with anxiety and OCD is tough. But when we blame ourselves it becomes even tougher. Let me explain how parental blame hurts not only you, but your child.

Sadly though, all this self-depreciation not only makes us less effective as a parent, but it hurts our kids with anxiety and OCD as well.

Put down your parental whip for just a second and let’s have a chat…

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