How to Deal with a Partner Who Doesn’t Believe in Anxiety Disorders?

Your child is standing there, white-knuckled and pale as a ghost. “I can’t do it,” they whisper. “I’m scared.” You are about to offer words of encouragement when your partner chimes in. “Stop playing games and just do it!” You feel your stomach drop. You give your partner the death glare, but it has little effect as the tirade continues. “I’m tired of this! Just do it or you are grounded.” You stare at your child, wide-eyed and paralyzed with fear. You have two problems. A child with debilitating anxiety and a partner who doesn’t believe in anxiety disorders. What are you supposed to do with that?!

Your child is suffering from anxiety, but your partner doesn’t believe in anxiety disorders. How are you supposed to handle that – pull up a seat and let’s talk.

You are not alone. In fact a big chunk of parents I see in my practice have that exact same dynamic. So how should you handle it? Let’s dive into that discussion…

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