Helping Anxious Kids When Shootings & Other Tragedies Happen

I wake up and reach for my phone. Breaking news headlines scream for my attention. Not again, I think. How many tragedies do we need to witness? How many mass shootings and bombings do my children need to live through? It doesn’t help that I have three anxious kids. Anxiety feeds off these headlines. Thrives off these dark moments of time. It has the power to ruin any progress a child has made crushing their anxiety .So how do we handle the situation? Do we tell our anxious kids what has happened? How do we minimize the impact it has on their already fragile view of life’s dangers? 

How are we supposed to help our anxious kids through mass shootings and other tragedies? Here are some ways to help their anxious minds process it.

We can’t ignore these life events, but we can frame it in a way that minimizes the long-term impact. Here’s how…


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Articles to Help Anxious Kids through Tragedies:

It is hard enough for us adults to handle the violence in our world. But how about our anxious kids? Here are some ways to help them (and you) through it.

Growing up I never heard of the expression "mass shootings." Now, it seems like it is a weekly news story. How do we parent in this new world?