Emetophobia: When Kids Fear Throwing Up

She’s been in school for two hours. An hour longer than yesterday. I reluctantly answer my phone. “Mom,” I hear her say. “I’m feeling really sick. Can you pick me up?” My daughter doesn’t have the stomach flu. She doesn’t have the latest virus. She has emetophobia, a phobia so intense it is actually making her sick.


Emetophobia, the fear of throwing up can destroy a child’s world. Learn the best way to help this issue. The answer might surprise you.

You might wonder why your child is so paralyzed with fear. Why they are so consumed with worry over throw up. Surprisingly, it is quite common. The fear of throwing up or seeing someone throw up is one of the most common anxiety themes I see in my therapy practice.

You might also be surprised at how it is treated. Take everything you would intuitively do to help your child and throw it out the window, it probably will make it worse. Pull up a sit and let me share the best way to crush this type of anxiety…

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