How to Help Kids Who are Afraid of Storms

Your son peeks his head out the window. His face pales. “Mom, is it supposed to rain today?” You look out the window. You see only one lonely cloud in the sky. “I don’t think so.” You respond. But you realize too late that your answer only fueled his concern. “You’re not sure?” He whines. You take a deep breath and prepare for the unraveling to begin. He does not disappoint. You know lots of kids are afraid of storms, but your child takes his fear to another level.

Your child sees clouds in the sky and they refuse to leave the house. How are you supposed to help him when he is deathly afraid of storms?

If it seems as though your whole life is dictated by the seven-day forecast, you are not alone. Weather anxiety is a very real and very debilitating issue for many anxious kids. It doesn’t help that Mother Nature seems to be acting out lately. So how are you supposed to help your child not be afraid of storms? Here are some ways to help…


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