When Kids have to Confess Bad Thoughts: Helping Scrupulosity OCD

“Mom I need to talk to you,” you hear your son whisper again. “I’m having bad thoughts.” You know where this is headed. This is the tenth time today he’s pulled you aside to talk. “Two years ago, I think I did something bad,” he confesses. His voice trails off as your mind starts to wonder. What is going on? Why does my son have to confess every thought, behavior and memory he thinks is bad? Why don’t my reassurances make him feel better? You remember once reading something about scrupulosity OCD, could that be what is going on?

Your child is child confesses every bad thought, memory and action they think they’ve ever done. What is going on? Could it be scrupulosity OCD?

Scrupulosity OCD, also known as Moral OCD can exhaust both parents and children. It is one of the most common types of OCD I see in my practice. It is also the one most parents miss. Let me tell you what it is, what it looks like and how to help.


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