When Child Anxiety & OCD Look Like Oppositional Defiance

“No!” He screams at the top of his lungs. “I’m not doing it!” You look at his red, sweaty face and you know what is about to come. You have seen that lost look many times before. You hold your breath and wait for the inevitable. He rages. He destroys. He brings chaos to the entire family. And then…he is done. Exhausted, no more fight left in him. A wake of destruction left in his path. Everybody wants to tell you your son has issues with oppositional defiance, but you know under all that rage is an anxious, scared boy.


Sometimes anxiety doesn’t look like anxiety. Sometimes it looks like oppositional defiance. Learn how to reach the anxious kid underneath the rage.


Anxiety doesn’t always look like anxiety. In fact, sometimes it looks much uglier – and much louder. Sometimes it looks like refusal, rage and aggression. When anxiety is behind oppositional defiance typical approaches to address defiant behavior aren’t going to work. So what should parents do? And how on earth do you handle a school that is at their wits end? Have a listen…


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