How to Deal with OCD in Young Children

You stare as your daughter lines up her toys, first by color and then by size. You’ve long ago ignored the well-intentioned friends and family who told you her behaviors were “typical.” There was nothing typical about it. You spend most of your morning sitting where she wants you to sit, following her very specific demands. Demands that if not followed to the letter, will result in a catastrophic meltdown that can go on for hours. You are pretty sure your child is showing early signs of OCD. That is not rocket science to you. But what you really want to know is how to deal with OCD – especially in a child this young.


OCD can be overwhelming to both parents and young children. Let me show you how to deal with OCD in young children. They are never too early to start fighting back.

Should you wait and see if your daughter out grows this behavior? That’s what everyone else tells you to do. Should you listen? Or should you trust your mama gut and teach your child how to deal with OCD now, when she is really young.

You have seen what OCD can do in your family. You know how devastating it can be. It is a slow drip that can eventually flood your life and your happiness. That’s not what you want for your child. But what are you supposed to do? Everything you read online is for older children with OCD, but what about young kids. Kids like yours, who are already struggling and they can barely spell their name?

There are things you can do. You don’t have to be a victim to OCD until your child’s life is full of obsessions and compulsions. You can get out your armor now and start the OCD battle. Let me tell you how.


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