Don’t Wait to Help Anxiety in Young Children!

Your child clings to you for dear life when anyone even glances her way. Trying something new is a major event. Your shadow is 3 ft tall and calls you mama. People tell you she’ll grow out of it. Your relatives whisper in silent judgment. But your gut instinct is telling you this isn’t your fault. Your gut instinct is telling you this isn’t right. Should you turn a blind eye and hope for the best or should you face this problem head on? What can be done for anxiety in young children? Can young kids even get anxious?

Your child has been anxious since she left the womb. Don’t wait until your child is older. Anxiety in young children should be dealt with sooner than later. Let me tell you how.

Yes, they can. Anxiety doesn’t have to be about life events. Sometimes it is about genetics. Anxiety is thought to have a strong genetic basis and can be passed along, just like blue eyes and blonde hair.

So is your child genetically doomed? Not even close. But you don’t do your child any favors by trying to turn a blind eye and act like your gut isn’t trying to tell you something. Denial isn’t helpful – anxiety in young children can be addressed. Why wait until anxious themes paralyze your child and nervous habits are solidified. Why not start helping your child now? Not sure where to start? Luckily it is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Let’s have a chat.

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2 responses to “PSP 028: Don’t Wait to Help Anxiety in Young Children”

  1. hamed says:

    Hi Dear Natasha
    I’ve a 27 years old daughter “Melina” that when she gets alone even for a some second start to cry. She has fear to go to her room even in day. When we go to the park sometimes stop and stare another childs and so fear from other parents. She get freez in Swinging the ride.
    Sorry my english is not great. Im from Iran and ask you guide me and her mother what we have to do?
    I have to mention that i think Melinas grandfather has ocpd and grandmother has some obssesion. And my mother too. Is it possible my doughter anexity has genetic base?
    Thank you.

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Hi Hamed,
      Anxiety does have a genetic component, so if your family has a history of anxiety your children can get it too. It is good to help her work through her fear while she is young. Hopefully some of my articles can help with that. I am assuming you meant your daughter is 27 months old?

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